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Climate change goals review across seven countries

Climate Futures undertook a review of high level and sector targets for GHG reduction across seven countries for the Climate X Change / Scottish Government. We also investigated how these countries and regions are dealing with the challenges of meeting their ambitious climate goals, including the national Climate Change and Energy strategies, plans and policies.… READ MORE >

The Woodpicker

The Woodpicker

Charlie Henderson of Climate Futures is the co founder and director of a new digital business, The Woodpicker, a service for biomass users. Initially, the service is helping domestic and commercial users of biomass fuel to find suitable suppliers and the best deals. It hopes to make the market more transparent and the purchasing procedure more streamlined. The ultimate aim is to increase satisfaction and uptake of renewable biomass heat.… READ MORE >


Guardian Business article: Forget carbon offsetting, insetting is the future

"Forget carbon offsetting, insetting is the future" Click to original Guardian article … READ MORE >

The perils and carbon of modern flying

Twenty minutes of the irritating British Airways jingle, and their ironic quality assurance mantra, was enough. I hung up my roaming mobile on the premium rate call, sighed and asked Philip if I could borrow another shirt.… READ MORE >