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A good picture saves a thousand acres…?

We’ve all heard the the old cliché about a good picture….but how constructive are images as an environmental force?… READ MORE >

Colossal Peat Blog

I would wager that the subject of peat barely registers in the public consciousness, let alone merits thinking time. Which is why I was delighted to see a story about a new peat bog discovery in the Congo, prominent on the BBCs website's homepage. The story has made it to the top five leaderboard of most read stories today. All the more relevant as I am with Afri-Flame academic partners, talking biogas and soil carbon enrichment.… READ MORE >

What’s behind our pretty new face

Welcome to our new website. For a long time we’ve felt a nagging sense that we’ve outgrown our old site – so it’s with great excitement and satisfaction that we welcome you here. It’s been beautifully designed and crafted by US-based Pixels & Pulp and their partner Jake & Co. If you have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear them.… READ MORE >