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Capturing the whole picture for a Climate Challenge Fund evaluation

It’s a common question – how to capture the bigger picture of community action in a Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) project. How can the myriad benefits, which lead to a strengthening of resilience against shocks such as economic downturn and climate change, be assessed? These can include a sense of shared purpose, skills development and personal improvement, supporting the local economy, biodiversity and positive links to other communities - in addition to the required GHG saving.… READ MORE >

Falkland Centre for Stewardship

Local Food Works

Climate Futures is working with the Falkland Centre for Stewardship - evaluating their Local Food Works project sponsored by the Climate Challenge Fund. Through surveys and interviews, we're finding out how the community has enjoyed the food markets, cooking workshops, growing sessions and meals, and been strengthened by the programme. This is an inspiring example of locally-led community resilience. … READ MORE >

Landlocked island communities

Philip’s message told me of his frustration at the aborted attempt to visit Colintraive and Glendaruel in Argyll, for project work. Landslips onto roads were the reason, caused by three days of solid rain. Not only did these block the Rest and be Thankful pass between Arrochar and Inveraray, a relatively common occurrence, but also the diversion via Crianlarich. This turned out to be ‘fortuitous’, as he subsequently discovered the road beyond Inveraray was also impassable.… READ MORE >

Tobacco farmers

Malawi’s Addiction to Tobacco

Willard Gardosa has been managing about an acre of land for staple food, for two years. Since joining Climate Smart Agriculture, he has diversified from maize to interplanting beans, mustard leaves and sugar cane. Onions are also popular as they are not so perishable as other crops and so he can wait for them to get a good price at the market. CSA has come at an opportune time. Last year Willard made 800k MK from tobacco (about $1900) from his other fields. At the recent auctions, his revenues dropped to 300k MK ($720), mainly due to a price drop on international markets.… READ MORE >

Foodie wisdom at Whitmuir

It was when discussing liver flukes that I realised how much of a balancing act organic farming can be. Pete Ritchie, the Whitmuir Organic Farm founder and director, explained how difficult it is to keep his upper field drained, to keep the rushes and parasite host-snails down. According to Novartis, previously less affected areas like SE Scotland can "no longer be regarded as safe" as warm wet weather becomes more commonplace.… READ MORE >

Fanny filming at Kusamala greenhouse

Participatory Video: training tomorrow’s teachers

I chucked the video students into the deep end, giving them a very short timeframe and a manual to help them with their facilitation practice.… READ MORE >