Climate Smart Agriculture

The CSA programme aim is to equip communities in Malawi to broaden their diets, and re-adopt natural farming methods. This will not only avoid the need for synthetic fertilizer, it will also strengthen resilience against the increasingly erratic weather patterns affecting Sub-Saharan Africa.

The objective of partner, the Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology is to sign up 1500 farmers in Malawi’s Dowa District to use permaculture for creating food gardens near their homes, and agroforestry to improve soils and yields in their fields. Water saving and soil improving techniques include mulching, natural composting and field landscaping.

Participatory Video is one of the ways Climate Futures is helping. We’re using it to learn how farmers are getting on, and it’s fantastic to hear stories from the communities too. Our filmmaker, Sabine, is training project coordinators and farmers in creating storyboards, video techniques, production and editing.


- Participatory Video training - PV channel
- graphics and illustrations
- photography
- management and collaboration


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Note: JANEEMO was the precursor project to CSA

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