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woman with banana leaf

Climate smart agriculture photobook

Iga visited Malawi in April and took images of farmers involved in the Climate Smart Agriculture programme, their families and members of the community. Water  … READ MORE >

Foodie wisdom at Whitmuir

It was when discussing liver flukes that I realised how much of a balancing act organic farming can be. Pete Ritchie, the Whitmuir Organic Farm founder and director, explained how difficult it is to keep his upper field drained, to keep the rushes and parasite host-snails down. According to Novartis, previously less affected areas like SE Scotland can "no longer be regarded as safe" as warm wet weather becomes more commonplace.… READ MORE >

What’s behind our pretty new face

Welcome to our new website. For a long time we’ve felt a nagging sense that we’ve outgrown our old site – so it’s with great excitement and satisfaction that we welcome you here. It’s been beautifully designed and crafted by US-based Pixels & Pulp and their partner Jake & Co. If you have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear them.… READ MORE >

Fanny concentrated while filming

A new Malawian voice through video

Participatory Video is the most interesting technique we are using to find out what farmers experience in their environment, and what they think of the Climate Smart Agriculture project. It’s also a great way to hear stories from the community.  … READ MORE >