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Climate change goals review across seven countries

Climate Futures undertook a review of high level and sector targets for GHG reduction across seven countries for the Climate X Change / Scottish Government. We also investigated how these countries and regions are dealing with the challenges of meeting their ambitious climate goals, including the national Climate Change and Energy strategies, plans and policies.

The EU-28 bloc has set GHG targets, which give context for member state targets. Five EU countries were considered: Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. A non-EU, European country, Norway, was also considered, as was Mexico, which has set stretching GHG targets. California and New York State in the US were also included for interest as progressive regions.

We found that ambitious targets are being set by a range of countries across Europe (in and out of EU), and elsewhere - and regions. Although some targets are proving difficult to meet, and may be dependent on action elsewhere, this shouldn’t deter from high ambition.


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