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Deadline imminent! Discover what Horizon 2020 evaluators expect from winning proposals

Q2: What are the key components that made the H2020 proposals you evaluated stand out? (views of three evaluators)

"A clear and realistic impact section"
"Sound understanding of the business impact"
"Post project impacts are considered for sustainability"

We've had a great response from H2020 evaluators to our online survey. We're discovering common strengths and weaknesses in proposals, essential exploitation & dissemination approaches and the role of SMEs.

We are sharing the views of evaluators and applicants with all survey respondents. Reply to the five-minute survey by 27th November to guarantee your copy of the full H2020 Insights report.

H2020 applicant questionnaire: Click here

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    Horizon 2020 has a greater emphasis on research impact than previous EU funding streams. The overall success rate of eligible full proposals under the first 100 calls was about 14% (compared with 20% for for the whole of FP7). It is widely accepted that impact is a major distinguishing factor in a winning proposal.
    Climate Futures is undertaking this H2020 Insights study to better understand the views of both applicants and evaluators. A detailed report will be made available exclusively to survey respondents. No findings will be linked to respondent’s identities.

Charles Henderson, Research Director


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