Climate Futures is managing communications for the Afri-Flame Network, a team of researchers and developers from Universities, Institutes and technology companies. The consortium is setting up active research centres with biogas digesters and fuel saving stoves, in ‘Energy Villages’ in Uganda, Ethiopia and Cameroon. 

Biogas technology provides clean gas for cooking and lighting, makes effective use of food and other organic waste and animal manures to produce a nutrient rich fertilizer for farming. The technology is spreading fast in Asia but uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa has so far been slow. Afri-Flame will provide policy makers and promoters of biogas technology with invaluable information for the development of the economic measures and technical tools needed to enhance technology uptake.


- biogas basics information pack
- website
- short films
- training sessions and workshops

Client and partners

African Union Commission

- Uganda's Makerere University
- Ethiopia's Addis Ababa University and  Institute of Sustainable Development,
- Cameroon's Catholic University,
- Aberdeen University
- James Hutton Institute




Biogas basics


Biogas basics luganda