Mikoko Pamoja

Mangroves are under threat in Kenya, in common with most areas where they grow. Mikoko Pamoja (‘Mangroves Together’) is a groundbreaking programme in Gazi Bay, south of Mombasa, using carbon finance to improve livelihoods in the local community and creating a 20-year financial incentive for mangrove conservation.

Charles Henderson undertook a successful validation of Mikoko Pamoja to the Plan Vivo carbon standard. This included a document review of the Project Design Document and Technical Specification, visits to planting sites, and interviews with a large range of stakeholders from the community, local government and Kenya Forest Service.

The community was closely involved in all stages of programme development and it is anticipated that the system will be self-policing.

Charles is also a Trustee to the Plan Vivo Foundation.


- validation report


mikoko pamoja