We are one of the eight consortium partners in TESS, a three-year, Europe-wide research project. TESS (Towards European Societal Sustainability) aims to discover how grass-roots initiatives can create the groundswell needed to deliver a low-carbon future. Research findings are contributing to the academic body of knowledge and influencing policy decisions. TESS has a practical focus too, by supporting communities on the ground through an interactive website and training programme.

In Scotland, our role is to identify, select and collaborate with communities undertaking food, energy, transport and waste projects. We are helping them promote their initiatives, network and assess their environmental and socio-economic impacts. A similar approach from our partners in Germany, Finland, Spain, Romania, Italy (and north east Scotland) is ensuring the project has European-wide influence.


- research methodology
- data gathering and findings
- community and stakeholder engagement
- interactive website (under the brand 'Sustainable Communities')
- newsfeed and communication
- research papers
- video

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