Research Impact

Environmental research must meet an increasing number of objectives to satisfy funder objectives - as well as being excellent and 'state of the art' in its own right, it must also demonstrate IMPACT. This is an elusive goal, open to interpretation depending on the subject and funder. However, there are a few consistent themes:

1. exchange of knowledge and ideas with a wide range of audiences
2. new products and processes
3. supporting the economy, businesses and job creation
4. developing skills
5. influencing public policy and supporting services

Increasingly, this need for impact is defining core research concepts, methodologies and wider participation by external partners in the research process. Read more in our ENDS Report feature.

What we offer

We are a one-stop-shop for improving environmental research impact.

We offer a close partnership to consortia, through the whole research cycle from concept development, to the research itself, and the legacy impact it leaves with all audiences. We will tailor an approach to engage other researchers, policy makers, businesses, communities and the general public. As a specialist SME with multidisciplinary skills we are able to offer research expertise (as an equal consortium partner), a bridging function to external stakeholder groups and a complete dissemination and communication management service.

Research, bridging and management

Research  Research: methodology, concept, data collection, analysis

Coordination  Co-ordination: of work packages, partners and deliverables

Bridging  Bridging: to external stakeholders, including businesses and communities

Events  Events: organisation, presentation and documentation

Policy briefings  Policy: development and briefings

Dissemination and communication

Design  Design: brand, website, printed materials

Copywriting  Copywriting: stories, blogs, features

Social media  Social media: Facebook, Twitter etc

Photography  Photography: for digital and printed materials, and exhibitions

Participatory video  Video: including participatory video training, editing, production, documentary


More information

Click here for a list of our impact services and ratecard:

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