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Part time environmental research communicator needed

Climate Futures is seeking a self-starter with an interest and experience in clean technology and climate change solutions to manage the dissemination and communication of a renewable energy research programme – hybridGEOTABS (www.hybridgeotabs.eu). The role will involve coordinating the needs of academic and industry partners and delivering work programmes, including:… READ MORE >

Climate change goals review across seven countries

Climate Futures undertook a review of high level and sector targets for GHG reduction across seven countries for the Climate X Change / Scottish Government. We also investigated how these countries and regions are dealing with the challenges of meeting their ambitious climate goals, including the national Climate Change and Energy strategies, plans and policies.… READ MORE >

Capturing the whole picture for a Climate Challenge Fund evaluation

It’s a common question – how to capture the bigger picture of community action in a Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) project. How can the myriad benefits, which lead to a strengthening of resilience against shocks such as economic downturn and climate change, be assessed? These can include a sense of shared purpose, skills development and personal improvement, supporting the local economy, biodiversity and positive links to other communities - in addition to the required GHG saving.… READ MORE >

Falkland Centre for Stewardship

Local Food Works

Climate Futures is working with the Falkland Centre for Stewardship - evaluating their Local Food Works project sponsored by the Climate Challenge Fund. Through surveys and interviews, we're finding out how the community has enjoyed the food markets, cooking workshops, growing sessions and meals, and been strengthened by the programme. This is an inspiring example of locally-led community resilience. … READ MORE >

Horizon 2020 evaluation briefing

I undertook my first Horizon 2020 (H2020) evaluation recently. A few common themes emerged which I thought might be of interest to H2020 proposal writers. Also included is a summary of the evaluation process itself, providing background context. Charles Henderson, Project Director  … READ MORE >

Resilience compass plot

September 2016 newsletter

Regardless of the ongoing Brexit stramash (an apt Scottish word!), our eyes are on European partnership as we enter the final phase of TESS and prepare for our role as disseminator for new Horizon 2020 research into optimising geothermal energy for large buildings. We're also evaluating the impact of our Climate Smart Agriculture project in Malawi. Read more     … READ MORE >

The Woodpicker

The Woodpicker

Charlie Henderson of Climate Futures is the co founder and director of a new digital business, The Woodpicker, a service for biomass users. Initially, the service is helping domestic and commercial users of biomass fuel to find suitable suppliers and the best deals. It hopes to make the market more transparent and the purchasing procedure more streamlined. The ultimate aim is to increase satisfaction and uptake of renewable biomass heat.… READ MORE >


February 2016 news update

  Welcome to our February 2016 news update Delivering impact for European research projects has been our main focus over the past few months. We have developed a community ‘resilience tool’ for TESS, written the impact chapter for a Horizon 2020 proposal and disseminated findings from our evaluator survey.… READ MORE >

H2020 evaluator survey

Insights into Horizon 2020 research impact: survey findings

The overall success rate of eligible full proposals under the first 100 Horizon 2020 (H2020) calls was only 14%. Many months of applicant time are spent submitting rejected proposals. Research impact is a major distinguishing factor in a winning proposal. We undertook this survey to find out what makes a proposal improve its competitiveness and stand out.  Condenser… READ MORE >