Who We Are

We are a professional yet approachable consultancy. We work with a range of clients and partners including researchers, businesses and communities. Our experience in understanding and integrating their varied needs makes us the ideal research impact partner.

Our team is well educated to post-graduate level across a number of academic disciplines. We are also qualified in journalism, film-making, graphic design and photography.

The Team

Charles Henderson

Founder and Project Director

Charlie is an experienced carbon consultant, development specialist and communicator. He combines a technical background with experience in research, policy development and communication.

Charlie is an assessor to the Carbon Trust Standard, and validator (and Trustee) to the Plan Vivo Foundation.

He holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London, and an MSc in forestry from Bangor University.

Charlie has written on climate change for The Scotsman and ENDS report and has a diploma in journalism.

He co-founded and developed regional enterprise, CarbonNeutral Newcastle from 2003-2008. He has also worked for Camco and ERM consultants, Solar Century and the CarbonNeutral Company.

Current Associates

Dr Philip Revell

Community Manager

Since working in rural Zimbabwe in the early 1980’s, Philip has acquired wide-ranging experience in environmental and community development projects.

Most recently, this includes setting up a community-managed woodland, a community owned bakery and ‘Sustaining Dunbar’, a community development trust, which is part of the Transition Network. This is working to help create a resilient, low-carbon economy in the town and its rural hinterland. Philip’s main role at Climate Futures is to engage Scottish and other communities for TESS.

Philip has a background in engineering, with a doctorate in aerodynamics. 

Sabine Hellmann

Participatory Video Trainer

Sabine is an experienced documentary filmmaker and participatory video trainer. She is training our community coordinators and farmers in video techniques, storyboarding and editing for Climate Smart Agriculture in Malawi. She is responsible for managing footage and the project video channel, and is also using her graphic design experience to design training manuals and calendars.

Sabine acquired a degree in Communication Design and Media in Germany and holds an MFA in documentary directing from the Edinburgh College of Art. She received an intensive participatory video facilitation training from InsightShare in Oxford, internationally recognised PV experts for more than 15 years.

Emma Casson

Afri-Flame Outreach

Emma is outreach manager for the Afri-Flame programme in Uganda, Ethiopia and Cameroon, which includes demonstrations and participatory video. She has managed projects on biogas and rain water harvesting installations in central and western Uganda, and has facilitated construction of fixed dome and floating drum digesters, developed training materials and organized workshops to raise awareness and create familiarity around the technology for the end user.

Previously, Emma worked at the Uganda Carbon Bureau and lived in Kampala for two years. She has 10 years experience in environmental education with children, teenagers and adults and holds a degree in English from Leeds University.

Dorothy Lsoto

Community co-ordinator

Dorothy is coordinating outreach activities on the ground in Uganda for the Afri-Flame programme. This includes facilitating events and open days, demonstrations, troubleshooting and being the primary point of contact. She is also coordinating design of a training pack and website.

Dorothy has a background in environment management, with four years research experience in renewable energy.